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Men are often brought up with unrealistic expectations that they have to be strong and in control. When things go wrong in life, as they often do, negative feelings can spiral out of control and they have no way of coping with these new feelings.

The truth is mental health conditions are likely to be far higher than statistics suggest. This is because mental health issues are often undiagnosed in men, with many men suffering in silence rather than seeking out help, and common warning signs are often missed and nobody realises there is a problem until it is too late.

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“Thank you. I can’t begin to explain how much hope you and your charity have given me. For the first time in my life I can see the light at the end of the tunnel”

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“I’m getting more help then I ever had before. I get palmed off on meds normally. I’m overwhelmed with how much support I’m getting.”

From a service user

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What’s a couple of hours to help someone change their life? … everything to a man suffering alone. You will make a difference and be part of our activities and events along with the rest of the HiS family.


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Working together will make our services stronger and ensure service users are given every chance to work towards positive mental health. If you share the same vision please contact us for a chat.


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For the price of a train ticket, you can change someone’s journey towards a better life. We are a ground-rooted charity that is run by people that have a fresh approach to healing mental ill-health. Help us achieve all our goals and more.

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The Gratitude Music Festival will be partnered with the renowned DJ and mental health awareness campaigner Brandon Block with the support of a professional events team. His personal journey to gain recovery from addiction, to achieve personal robust mental health and his appetite to increase awareness of the scale of the issue has been an inspiration to many and has sparked the concept to create a new festival to continue this crucial work.


Gratitude Music Festival will be a celebration of health, happiness and well-being using music as its anchor as well as tents featuring workshops & talks that will encompass a broad range of holistic therapies. Ultimately, we seek to help de-stigmatise the subject of mental health and addiction in an environment where all ages can enjoy a weekend festival, relaxing and listening to great music with family & friends