Our Sister CIC Fundraising Avenue

We see this as a perfect platform for raising awareness of men’s mental health issues while incorporating it within a weekend festival of live music, workshops, and a variety of merchandising stalls, refreshments and hospitalities.

Gratitude Music Festival goals include having fun and encouraging the enjoyment of live music while learning more about men’s mental health issues, and at the same time, supporting charities, by donating profits.

At the launch of our Pop-Up events in February, we found the evening to be a humbling experience with over 300 men supporting our charity. One young man in his 20’s expressed that he had known someone who had taken his own life, and felt that this outcome could have been avoided had he been aware of ‘HiS’ Charity. He felt the services being provided by ‘HiS’ were very much needed, with some men even expressing an interest in introducing these services to the workplace, in order to support one another because “ Men don’t Talk ”. ‘HiS’ and Gratitude are taking this fresh approach of introducing music as a way of not only breaking down barriers, but promoting and de-stigmatising Men’s Mental Health, accentuated during the recent Pop-Up evening by many men approaching us to open up and share their story.

Gratitude is thrilled to be working closely with DJ legend Brandon Block and his team @ HappyDays.

Happy Days for Everyone is soon to become a charity in its own right, providing services to children and adults. We anticipate the first festival will have a capacity for 2000 attendees and seek to provide a relaxed atmosphere for all to enjoy the event with family and friends, listening to some great music and experiencing the range of therapies and support available. Ultimately, our aim is that everyone who attends, should have a fantastic experience, create unforgettable memories and leave with a much clearer understanding of mental health and wellbeing issues.